Carta de Tés

Té gunpowder

Gunpowder. Gunpowder Green tea

Don't be fooled. Even with such an explosive name, this is the least bitter of all green teas.

Ingredients: Chinese Gunpowder green tea.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té tockyo style

Tokyo Style. Green tea with Pai Mu Tan and lemon

Ceremony, subtlety and good taste. This Japanese Sencha will help you understand what is such thing called zen.

Ingredients: Green tea, orange peel, ginger, Pai Mu Tan white tea and lemon flavour.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té touareg

Touareg. Green tea with fresh mint

This moorish tea should be drunk very hot, so don't be ashamed of making noises when you sip it.

Ingredients: Green tea, spearmint and spearmint natural flavour.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té spring bloom

Spring Bloom. Green tea with flowery hints

With a tea like this, life seems to be much more easy going, less rigid and more joyful. Smile before you open it.

Ingredients: Green tea, strawberries, rose cocoons, mallow flowers, sunflower petals and scents.
Weight: 100 gr.

Té tropical sunset

Tropical Sunset. Green tea with pineapple and coconut

There is no need for you to go all the way to the Caribbean to enjoy this tea. Any hammock will do.

Ingredients: Green tea, pineapple, coconut and aroma.
Weight: 100 gr.

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