The key is the infuser.


The type of container that we use to infuse the tea is basic so that the leaf opens well and releases all its aroma.

The leaf must be loose inside the infuser, if it is very compact, either because we put too much quantity or because the container is too small, we do not let it hydrate well and release the aroma. An excess amount of tea increases the intensity of the infusion and can cause a bitter taste.

It is important to heat it without letting it come to a boil, otherwise we will burn the leaf. Depending on the variety of tea, we will leave the leaf for more or less minutes and remove.

The ideal ratio is 2 or 3 grams of tea for every 150ml of water.

With this amount we get 1 cup.

In all our containers we detail the temperature and time at which the product should be infused to enjoy it to the fullest..

We also have 3 types of infusers, so that making your tea is the easiest of the day!


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