The ancient culture of tea in China.

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In China the custom of drinking tea is ancient. Tea in China is the first and last thing served with every meal.

In ancient China, during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the Chinese used tea as a medicinal drink, which could be mixed with onion, orange, ginger, and other spices. Tea is the second most consumed liquid in the world after water, and China is the second largest producer, after India.

In each region they have their preferences regarding the type of tea. In Guangdong they like a variety named after them Wu Long, or Dragon Tea, which is said to be very good for the skin, and which is a semi-fermented Black Tea.

In Fujian, they consume a variety very famous for its healing powers, called Silver Needle Tea (Yin zhen) and it is considered white tea.

White tea was expressly consumed by the emperor and consumption by the people was punishable by death. In the Yunnan area, the Pu Erh, or Red Tea, is typical, which is a post-fermented Black Tea that is left to age in barrels and results in a tea with an earthy flavor. It is usually served in small crystal glasses without a handle, although the use of porcelain and ceramics are also very popular in Asian culture in general.


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